Friday 19 August 2011

Today's Review: Candy Floss

Ah, candy floss, also known as cotton candy, also known as a buttload of sugar. I got some free candy floss from the lovely folks at T Mobile today, because they were giving away things even to people who have no desire whatsoever to become a customer. Anyway, the kids enjoyed it, and I had a little taste too, because who doesn't love candy floss?

Me, I don't like candy floss. Sure, it's nice to eat, for the first five seconds. If you have the kind that comes on a stick you just stick your face right in it and bite a chunk, and it's so good. Then you pull your face away and realise you looks like a badly shaved pink haired hobo, what with the clumps of wet sugar stuck in random points all over your face. Candy floss is only good until you can't get rid of the damn stuff from your skin. There'll always be a little bit managing to escape from the stick to your skin, and it wants to stay there. Despite your efforts to lick it off, there'll be a nice sticky residue to remind you of it.

So yes, it's messy, I suppose the same could be said about several sweet foods, but this one really takes the piss. But surely taste needs to be factored in to give an honest opinion of the food. Candy floss, granted, is quite tasty, in the way that a large lump of sugar is tasty. Meaning it's quite nice, again, for a short while. then you realise that you might as well have just emptied a bag of caster sugar into your face and spared all the stickiness that comes from this evil pink cloud of disguised sugar.

It is a noble approach to a treat though. In the same way that aerated chocolate tastes better, so does aerated sugar. Sure, it expands to evil giant monster proportions, but it still manages to be tolerable for a couple of minute's eating, whereas the aforementioned sugar bag dumping would be disgusting from the off. So congratulations candy floss, you have managed to provide people with the ability to consume vast amount of pure sugar without feeling disgusting. For a little while at least.

My rating: 2/5

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