Saturday 13 August 2011

Today's Review: Quarantine 2: Terminal

I get it, because the disease is terminal, and airports have terminals. Ha! The disease is airborne. Two plane/disease related puns on one poster, this is a gold mine.

But Quarantine was about an apartment block full of zombies. Plus it was based on the movie Rec, which was identical except in Spanish. Rec 2 carried on the story directly where it was left off, and delved right into a demonic religious theme. I thought it was a bit strange, but it's certainly a fresh direction. But Americans obviously don't like all the demon crap, but apparently they do like planes. Just look at Snakes On A Plane, and even Flight Of The Living Dead. Want to make something fresh? Put it on a plane.

So I wasn't really expecting much, especially after Flight Of The Living Dead. First of all, the plane in Quarantine 2 is tiny, so any real zombie outbreak would be over in a matter of minutes. We're not talking Flightplan or Snakes On A Plane size vessels, this had one cabin, and only four flight crew. I was braced in position for a terrible time (I can do flight puns too), but just after the outbreak starts the pkane does manage to land, so don't worry about that. The survivors do get quarantined though. In a terminal. Suddenly the title is completely literal. So there are no crowds of strangers escaping from running zombies, just these few people trying to work out an escape route before they all get infected.

Quarantine 2 also abandons the first person camera views of the first, so as well as abandoning the original sequel's premise they also abandon the overall look of the movie. The only way this is in any way connected to Quarantine is because they mention that the same thing happened in an apartment block that same night. There are further links, and they're not exactly subtle, in fact they just feel tacked on at the last minute for continuity's sake.

So yes, Quarantine 2 is not the best movie story wise, and it also abandons the hook that drew people into the first, so really it just settles in with any other mediocre horror movie. It certainly isn't awful. The special effects are decent, the acting isn't bad, a little off in places, though the lack of the first person angle kind of kills the suspense and forces the movie to rely on gore and jump scares. But it could have been a lot worse, killer zombie lab rats aside.

My rating: 3/5

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