Sunday 14 August 2011

Today's Review: Leftover Pizza

We went to Pizza Hut today, and since we had a 2 for 1 voucher, the missus and I decided to go for a large pizza each. After some confusion where the waitress informed us we couldn't get half Italian and half stuffed crust, after which she looked at us like weirdos for having a large pizza each, we got our food, and a promise that they would box up anything we have left over.

I am a man who can eat a lot of food. When I order a large pizza I can normally consume it with vigour. But I filled up on free salad and found myself almost defeated halfway through the pizza. But no worries, for leftover pizza is a widely accepted phenomenon. If you go to KFC and save the chicken for later, you probably don't want to eat it 'cause it just seems gross. Even more so with a burger, eating a discarded half of a Big Mac or Whopper would instantly make me feel like a shameless hobo. While Chinese food is slightly more acceptable to come back to later I always feel a little bit dirty when I do it.

Pizza, however, is the ultimate leftover food. It is probably the most common weird thing that people have for breakfast. Many argue that cold pizza is better, and though I was inclined to agree at one point, I have found that reheated pizza is pretty damn nice, and not likely to kill you or make you ill. It's probably because I always get stuffed crust, and the heat makes the cheese nice and melty again, but hot leftover pizza is probably my favourite. They even put reheating instructions on the box, so it has to be popular.

So why is pizza not a disgusting thing to leave someplace and eat later? I can't say I really know. The thought of eating most fast food later on doesn't appeal to me at all, but I'll happily leave some pizza and think about how I can consume it over the next day or two. Yes, buying a large pizza could in fact keep me fed for a couple of days. Perhaps it is not worth looking into the reasons why leftover pizza is so widely accepted, I should just accept it for the phenomenon it is and try not to spoil my enjoyment of some old greasy dough. Yum.

My rating: 5/5

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