Thursday, 4 August 2011

Today's Review: Having 4 Hours Of Sleep

I can't say I sleep a massive amount. In recent years I've taken to staying up until about 3am doing nerdy stuff like gaming or watching movies, 'cause why not, everyone else is sleeping, and I still get my seven hours of sleep providing I get a good enough lie in. Since having kids I have had to start going to bed earlier, because children seem intent on waking up at seven in the morning, or even earlier.

But last night I took a gamble. I stayed up until 3am, for apparently no reason whatsoever, it didn't feel very productive. Of course I figured I might regret it at the time, as it was my turn to get up with the kids, but I pressed on as I wasn't that tired.

I was woken up at 7am. Now, while I certainly find getting through a day on four hours sleep manageable, it just dampens the whole experience. At times I longed for sleep, at others I just wanted to sit there and have no one bother me. I felt like being slow and sluggish and it was all my own fault. But now it is half 11, and while I was tired an hour ago, now I think I should be able to stay awake for a couple more. My body is apparently weird, and only wants to sleep when it is inappropriate.

Tonight I shall endeavour to get seven or eight hours, because that would be the sensible thing to do. But as much as getting through a day on little sleep may suck, I like to see it as a kind of endurance test. Sleep is a stupid thing, if we didn't need to do it then I don't think anyone would say "You know what would be fun? Making myself unconscious for several hours". So the less sleep the better, really, as long as it doesn't drastically affect me. At the moment I have managed to work it down to an average of six hours that I need, maybe it could be less.

But at the moment, four hours of sleep kinda sucks.

My rating: 2/5

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