Wednesday 24 August 2011

Today's Review: Uglies Cookies

It's always nice to get some new kind of snack in the food delivery at work, even though my curious nature compels me to buy and eat it immediately. Today we got a box of Star Bars and these strange little things. Thankfully they weren't massively overpriced, just 32p after discount, but the box had two different flavours, which is a dastardly way of making me part with more money just to get the full experience.

From what I can tell by the packaging, these cookies may not look great, but they taste good. Apparently not only are these cookies ugly, they also have crazy eyes and like to sit amongst splatters of paint. But enough of looking with my eyes, it's time to look with my mouth.

Woah, wait a minute. Yup, they're pretty ugly. At the bottom we have the cocoa flavour, which looks like a bumpy turd, and at the top we have the honeycomb variety, which looks like a turd from someone who's eaten lots of sweetcorn. While they certainly fit into the Uglies moniker, perhaps they'd be better off being called "small bits of turd cookies", though I see how that could affect their likelihood of being bought and eaten.

I realise I haven't given any sense of scale in these pictures. These cookies are tiny. Really tiny. One little mouthful and they're gone, there's no waiting around. So while they weren't massively overpriced, they were still overpriced. It was my only hope that they taste good.

Thankfully they're quite nice. I don't see how someone can call them cookies, in reality they're just chunks of chocolate with little bits stuck in it. See, they sound more like turds every minute. Still, the chocolate is good and the pieces are plentiful and tasty. I can't really tell you more than that because the experience doesn't last long. A few chews and it's all over. I've found mention of little packets of several cookies, so there is hope, but I wouldn't shell out a lot of money for these individually wrapped ones.

My rating: 3/5


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  2. I guess the presentation is all that tempts us to try something new. I would definitely love to try these cookies with my coffee sitting on my swivel chairs watching some netflix.

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