Saturday 8 October 2011

Today's Review: Dust

Dust is gross. In fact, it's dis-dust-ing. Ha. What is the point in dust? I say absolutely nothing. I'm sure many others say the same thing. I know there are scientific explanations behind dust, we've got it all worked out, but really, why does it exist? Can't the world be more efficient? But no. There's crap lying around everywhere.

Dead skin cells, broken down rocks, just tiny bits of disgusting things all over the place. Why, at the pinnacle of our evolution, do we have to go around scraping dead bits of things off our furniture? It's not right. This is the future, we should have lasers that do that shit for us, or we should have scienced our way out of it by now. Science is a verb now.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings, duster companies, but you just shouldn't be there. That manpower could be used to create anti-dust measures. Let's ban this scourge from our planet, let's have tiny nanobots that eat our flaking flesh and bid farewell to the madness that is all this crappy dust. Peace out.

My rating: 0/5

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