Thursday 20 October 2011

Today's Review: Pizza Hut's Flapjack And Raisin Cookie Dough Dessert

I do review a lot of Pizza Hut stuff don't I? I could probably be their full time menu reviewer (hint hint). But honestly, I don't go to Pizza Hut too much, it's just that whenever I do there's always something new to try. New things make ideas for reviews, so I just have to go and try stuff. While I reviewed the Cookie Dough dessert experience in the restaurant itself not so long ago, they now have several variation on that theme. Since I love oatmeal raisin cookies, this one screamed out at me.

Yes, they call it flapjack raisin, but they might as well call it oatmeal raisin, because that's the right way of doing it. It is like a warm, half baked oatmeal raisin cookie covered in ice cream, and that part is indeed totally orgasmic. It wasn't burnt at all, and not too hot either, leaving my taste buds free to experience that melt in the mouth feeling. The only strange aspect I thought was the toffee sauce. Certainly not a bad thing, it was quite nice, but it was certainly a weird choice to drizzle on top of oatmeal raisin. Perhaps if any of you guys want to try it you can ask for no sauce and go and siphon some chocolate or strawberry from the ice cream factory instead. Whatever floats your boat, but I guess any sauce would be as strange as any other on top of this. 

Overall, a good effort. It's nice to see them change up some of the old favourites, even if it is just for a little while. So get in there while you can people, it's oaty raisiny heaven.

My rating: 4/5

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