Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Today's Review: Serge Island Egg Nog

Another day with no ideas, another trip down the ethnic type food aisle. This time something really caught my attention. This sweet innocent carton of egg nog. It baffled me in a way, especially upon learning it was from Jamaica. I thought egg nog was only really popular in America and Canada, but apparently the Caribbean folks like it too. Of course I had to buy it, I'd never tried egg nog on its own, only in Starbucks special Christmas latte form. 

When I took the carton through self service, however, it came up as a restricted item. I figured since it was in a carton, with a straw, and with a goddamn cartoon cow on the front, it wouldn't have any of the alcohol you'd normally mix in. But when the assistant came over to authorise me we perused the ingredients and found out that it does indeed have rum in it. So that's cool. Don't touch this carton with the cartoon cow, kids! It's got daddy's special juice in it. Despite the over 25 policy on alcohol, the guy let me have it without I.D., presumably because getting wasted and unruly on this stuff would be the most ineffective way of achieving anything. You'd probably just puke from the vast amount of dairy.

The taste? Pretty damn good. It was very much like the egg nog shots in the aforementioned lattes, and had a nice flavour and a smooth texture. What little rum that was in there in no way encroached on the rest of the drink. I feel I should stock up on these and work my way through on the upcoming Christmas nights. It's good stuff, people. Don't let that freaky cartoon cow put you off.

My rating: 5/5

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