Friday 21 October 2011

Today's Review: Food For Louis

I got home from work about an hour ago, and as per usual I had not yet written a review. Today I had no ideas though, so I decided to mope around the internet until I got a flash of inspiration. Then I found Food For Louis.

Food For Louis is a YouTube channel created by a complete maniac. I was first introduced via a link to his video named "Eating A Live Giant Scoprion". He does exactly what the title says really. He has a live scorpion in his hand, which he dangles into his mouth and chows down on. Disgusting, right? You haven't seen the half of it.

Though Food For Louis only has 14 videos so far, you can watch such other delights as "Eating A Rotting Dead Frog" and "Drinking 10 Blended Mice", the latter being marked for inappropriate content, probably because, you know, he blends and drinks ten dead mice. As I have had a fair bit of experience in internet shock videos, this doesn't phase me too much, although it's clear it's completely disgusting, but anyone who is a little squeamish should probably stay away.

But perhaps we should be thanking Louis. Why does this person feel the need to eat dead or living things for the purposes of entertainment? I don't know. But since this aspect of humanity had previously not been explored on film, at least now we can cross it off our list and no one will ever have to do anything so disgusting and stupid for the rest of our species' existence. As Louis wretches and swallows various disgusting pieces of animal, we can be safe in the knowledge that it is in fact pretty disgusting both to experience and view, even though we probably could've figured that out anyway.

My rating: 2/5

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