Monday 24 October 2011

Today's Review: The Weather Getting Colder

It's a fact of life. The weather gets colder when it gets to that certain time of year. Winter in most places, except for Australia because they like to be different apparently. We've had quite a good year so far in good old England. While the summer wasn't amazingly hot, it was still warm enough, and the random heatwave in October was pretty weird, but nice too.

But that's over now. I can feel the days counting down until I have to do the unthinkable and turn on the central heating. I'm wearing a jumper in my own house, that's how I know it's getting cold. I used to prefer the cold, it was my philosophy that you can keep putting more clothes on, but you can't keep taking clothes off. But from my time in Oman I've learned that while heat can be a bit unbearable at times, it's generally not too bad. At least it keeps you warm. The cold though, it sucks. It makes you shiver, and want to curl up in a ball under blankets. When I said you can keep putting clothes on, I'd never really tried it. Have you tried wearing two or more pairs of socks? Good luck getting your shoes on after that. Good luck buying increasingly sized jumpers and trousers to pile onto yourself too.

Yes, the cold turns us into covered up shivering idiots. While the warm sensation of being snuggled up and toasty is unparalleled, why can't we just have that feeling all the time in the form of some nice pleasant weather? Hurry up global warming.

My rating: 1/5

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