Wednesday 16 November 2011

Today's Review: Potentially Staying At Work Until 5am

So here I am at work, and I won't be home before midnight, meaning this post will go out with some mangled form of apostrophe in the title. Sigh.

Tonight is inventory, that wonderful time of the year where we scan everything in store. Can't do it when we're open, so now we're shut the fun can commence. We need to scan all the discs, accessories, count the food, among other things. That in itself takes some time. But when It's all done we'll be presented with several sheets of paper saying "Well, where's this stuff then, bitch?". Then it will be our job to hunt this stuff down, bleary eyes in the early hours of the morning. Working 'til 5am is not a practice I'd advise, but hey, getting paid to scan a load of stuff isn't all bad.

My rating: 2/5

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