Thursday 3 November 2011

Today's Review: Eating An Entire Bag Of M&Ms

I'm not proud of what I did. But yet I feel no regrets. I had a bag of M&Ms earlier, and now they are gone. As the moustachioed Pringles guy would say, "once you pop you just can't stop". Although in this case it's ripping, and also these are made of chocolate, which is much better.

They're just so tiny. You try and eat one at a time, but it isn't enough. You want more. Then you get accustomed to dropping four in your cavernous pie hole and keep doing that. Before you know it, they're all gone. But it is a very pleasant experience, because M&Ms are awesome. I'm sure this review could be applied to most forms of chocolate, but this is the kind that was devoured by me tonight. Shameful, perhaps. Tasty? Damn right.

My rating: 3/5

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