Sunday 6 November 2011

Today's Review: Keys

Keys are a pretty good thing. Most of us have stuff we like to keep safe, and most of the time that's through the use of a key. We have keyholes on doors, windows, safes, It's just an easy way to keep everything locked up tight so some asshole doesn't steal it.

But where do you put those keys? All on one keyring I bet. Nothing wrong with that normally, until you lose the keyring and therefore any access to your stuff. I've been without my keys for a few days now. They're probably around here somewhere, but they're just so damn small. I know it's convenient to make keys so they fit in your pocket, but couldn't they offer an alternative of giant novelty sized keys to the messy and forgetful?

Keys can be sneaky little bastards too. Like when you have two that look the same and open things that are slightly similar. You don't know you've picked the wrong one until you try to turn it, but by that point you're so pleased that it actually slotted it all the way in that you turn it with enthusiasm. Then it doesn't move and it hurts your fingers slightly. Or maybe that's just me.

But I guess that's not a problem with keys themselves. Keys can be any size, and can also be labelled by people who have no idea what their keys do. So despite a few quibbles, I'm mostly thankful for keys. If I didn't have any then all my stuff would probably be gone. Or maybe if humanity had evolved without keys we wouldn't have developed a desire to break into things. Are keys the cause of society's downfall? Probably not.

My rating: 4/5

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