Wednesday 23 November 2011

Today's Review: Coming Home From Work To Find A Chinese Waiting For You

A Chinese meal, not a Chinese person. That would be weird. Because I don't live with a Chinese person.

Anyway, it was quite a long shift at work today, and I didn't really get enough time to take a break, not that I was too hungry anyway. but then I got a text from my lovely lady asking if I wanted any Chinese food. Hells yeah I did. So at 11pm I got in the door and found a veritable feast waiting for me in the microwave.

Reheating Chinese food isn't an exact science. I just kinda put the microwave on until the food was hot. But eating afterwards, it was all good. It was a mighty fine payoff to a stressful day. So anytime you want to feel really good, just order some Chinese food on the way home. Except if you don't like Chinese food. Then you can probably grab a burger or something. I'm sure the same principle applies.

My rating: 5/5

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