Friday 4 November 2011

Today's Review: This Awesome Original Toy I Found In Poundland

Wow, Convertors. They look so cool. They even have four different types. I swear, they could make a whole bunch of stuff out of this. Cartoons, movies, you name it. I assume they're called Convertors because they convert from one thing into another, but I'm not sure what those things are. But this one is a "Super robot bird king", and the initials in the star there are "BK", so I can only hazard a guess that it converts from a bird king into a super robot. But what then? Does it retain its regality in super robot form? This is why we need a backstory that only a movie can afford. 
What a great tagline too. "Fighters in disguise". I'm guessing the super robot persona is the fighter, because no one would expect a bird king to fight people. It would just preside over the other birds with that scepter up there that looks like it has a Rampant Rabbit on the end. 

But you know, I could be wrong. I didn't buy the thing, so who knows what it really converts to? It looks like it still has wings in robot form. Does the dildo scepter get used by both forms? I know I probably should have made the purchase to properly assess the product, but it's clearly too awesome for my boring grown up ways. 

My rating: 4/5

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