Saturday 12 November 2011

Today's Review: The Idea Of Watching Stand Up Comedy On Blu-Ray

It's almost Christmas, so it's time for a massive amount of stand up comedy to be released on DVD. It's especially noticeable working at Blockbuster, because we have none of them all year, get tons at Christmas, and then end up sending the remainders back in January 'cause no one wants to buy them anymore. Yes, I say DVD, because quite a few comedians have not yet wandered into high definition territory yet, and I haven't really seen any be delivered at Blockbuster until Peter Kay's newest tour came in on Blu-Ray.

I don't see the appeal to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Blu-Ray, if I want to buy a movie I get it on Blu-Ray or not at all. High definition is awesome, looking at explosions, animation, all the stuff that makes movies look great. What I'm not so keen on watching in high definition is a sweaty man pacing around on a stage for over an hour. Not that I've actually seen any high definition stand up, but I am reviewing the very idea of seeing each individual bead of sweat on Peter Kay's overweight face. Have you seen Lee Evans when he gets worked up too? Well, with his new Blu-Ray you can see all the wrinkles in his crumpled up silly faces.

Yes, I may be a quality-phile, but I honestly don't see why anyone would need to see one person talking in glorious 1080p. I just hope they don't start releasing 3D Blu-Rays, the last thing I want is to see spittle fly out of the screen at my face.

My rating: 1/5

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