Tuesday 1 November 2011

Today's Review: SweeTarts

I am thankful to Wonka for many things. They made pretty good chocolate at one point, and Nerds are just amazing, Everlasting gobstoppers, Pixy Stix, them's some amazing sweets right there. So on a recent trip to Cyber Candy I was pleased to find a Wonka delicacy that I hadn't tried before. I endeavour to try any kinds of American food that I hear about on TV, but thus far SweeTarts had eluded me. The price wasn't so ridiculous compared to other imports either, I got quite a long tube for just over £1.

Immediately upon opening the packet I figured I was going to be eating Love Hearts. Probably because the name almost sounds like "sweethearts", and the fact that they look the same, apart from not having some lovey dovey message. But no, these are in fact like oversized Refreshers, except not quite as fizzy. The flavours therefore are not too pronounced, in fact I have trouble picking them out. Eating them is pretty much a slightly tingly sugarful sensation. But hey, this is candy, what else should I expect?

All in all they're pretty nice. But given that the alternatives of Refreshers and Love Hearts are already readily available and cheaper throughout the UK, I think I'll go for them instead of these.

My rating: 3/5

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