Wednesday 14 March 2012

Today's Review: Poundland's Instant Cupcake

I could tell this was special just by looking at it. It's got a space on the top for you top add "To..." and "From..." names. This instant cupcake is the gift that says "I care about you so much that I thought this Poundland item would be an acceptable gift, and it also demonstrates my complete lack of faith in your cooking ability". Forget about adding eggs to your Betty Crocker mix and sticking it in the oven for an undetermined amount of time, all this baby needs is 30ml of water and a minute in the microwave. When I'd added the water and mixed it all up, it did smell suspiciously like custard instead of cake mix, but I pressed on. As in the "on" button on the microwave. Ha, I'm witty.

Here's the end result. I wouldn't say it was quite the conventional cupcake, but since it is in a cup I can't argue with their use of terminology. The casing suggests you top it off with some cream or frosting, presumably so they can cover up the vast lack of cake that takes up the top part of the cup. But I'm not here to review frosting, I know I can make good frosting. The question is, what does the cake taste like?

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, it's not the best, most succulent cake in the world, but for something I literally poured some water in and nuked for a minute it tasted pretty nice. I was prepared to make a joke about the cup doubling as a receptacle for the puke that results from eating the cake, but now I can't. Even though I just mentioned it. But yeah, pretty nice cake, considering the circumstances. It just goes to show. You should never judge a cake by its shoddy packaging.

My rating: 4/5

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