Tuesday 20 March 2012

Today's Review: Cadbury's BiscBits: Rocky Road Flavour

I do like a nice Cadbury's biscuit. Their venture into Crunchie and Caramel biscuits a while ago were pretty damn nice, and now they have presented us with BiscBits, biscuit rings in various flavours. There's chocolate orange, mint chocolate and others, but I went for Rocky Road 'cause Rocky Road is just awesome.

Well, they're not truly Rocky Road. The back of the pack states they are "cherry, marshmallow and chocolate flavoured", so I guess I was a bit disappointed. Sure, they taste like Rocky Road, but the best thing about the real thing is the various textures that you get throughout. This is just a flavoured biscuit. Still, a good effort, you probably couldn't squeeze marshmallows and cherries into those tiny rings.

My rating: 4/5

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