Sunday 18 March 2012

Today's Review: Lucozade Revive: Lemongrass Flavour

Woo, new energy drink. But this is one of those energy drinks that's trying to be healthy, rather than being all dark and edgy. So we have sensible flavours, like cranberry, and in this case lemongrass. I can't say I've ever tried lemongrass, but I figured it would taste the most like energy, so I got a bottle.

It does indeed taste like plants. Probably because it's made of plants. It's not as bad a taste as I thought it would be. Ever so slightly sour, but quite refreshing. It certainly doesn't provide as much raw energy as those energy drinks packed with taurine and caffeine, but drunk in small sips it kept me sustained at work where otherwise I may have collapsed in a demotivated heap. Certainly not the best energy drink I've had, but a good effort.

My rating: 4/5

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