Saturday 8 June 2013

Today's Review: Billy Smart's Circus

The circus is in town this weekend, and although I have been to one before, I certainly don't remember it. So I guess I was overdue a trip to the circus, especially with kids to bring along too. Billy Smart's was a good choice.

Taking place over a couple of 40 minute acts, Billy Smart's circus showcases some wonderful performers with great skill, covering balancing acts, acrobatics and juggling, all interspersed with skits by the circus clown. It's not exactly a massive collection of people, but everyone is utilised to their full effect, some more than once, and Angelo the clown is always on hand between acts to get the crowd participating and excited for what follows.

It's hard for me to pick an act because they were all quite fantastic, Trapeze artists fly, acrobats spin and climb, and Eddy Carello gives a fantastic juggling performance. It's all done with great timing, accompanied by a fantastic band that plays behind the scenes, and everyone involved is a true professional. There were a couple of slip ups during tonight's show, but the performers brushed it off and simply tried again, to great applause from the crowd.

I can't say I can compare Billy Smart's to other circuses around, but it certainly packs a lot of charm and talent into a small area. The acts are interesting and varied, and everyone involved helped give the place a great atmosphere. This is an enjoyable night out for the whole family.

My rating: 5/5

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