Thursday 13 June 2013

Today's Review: Domino's Franks' Red Hot Wings

I went with Domino's pizza for a change today, and found that they offer a larger selection of chicken products than Pizza Hut do. The one that intrigued me most were the Frank's Red Hot Wings, which quite simply are chicken wings covered in Frank's hot sauce. Now, I've never had Frank's, but when the name of the sauce itself implies it to be red hot, it's gotta be worth a go.

Well, they're not too hot. I'm speaking as a bit of a hot sauce masochist though, if a hot sauce doesn't cause me immediate discomfort and pain I'm normally a little disappointed. But I must say the sauce on these wings did taste very nice. They certainly aren't immediately firey, but once I'd polished off the lot I certainly had that distinct burning feeling all around my mouth. It's a slow burning sauce (literally) that certainly left me satisfied. I think I'll stick with the hotter sauces in future though.

My rating: 4/5

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