Tuesday 25 June 2013

Today's Review: Bob Marley's Mellow Mood: Mango

Hey, looks like another energy drink. But it's not, in fact I think it's meant to be quite the opposite, putting you in a mellow mood. The description states that it is a "low calorie soft drink with herbal extracts and guava-mango flavour", and given the baffling usage of Bob Marley's name and visage, I think we can all assume what those "herbal extracts" are, am I right?

Well, no, they're probably not putting weed in drinks, but they must be doing something right, because this is very tasty. I'm a sucker for tropical juices, and while I love the Rubicon mango juice offering, it was always a little bold for my tastes. This drink certainly lives up to its names, with a mellow, sparkling flavour that doesn't overwhelm the senses. It's a refreshing mango drink, and it's a decent size too. I'll have to try out the other flavours.

My rating: 5/5


  1. I couldn't agree more, i've been hooked on this drink for couple months now i usually have 3-4 a week to help me sleep. and usually i have the Berry flavor !

    I consulted my family doctor and he said tho there are no harmful ingredients, the ingredients melatonin and valerian can be somewhat addictive if used to often but other then that this drink is amazing !!!

    I just bought the mango one for the first time today, and i'm about to try it out (taste wise). my expectations are high !! :)

    ~ Kyle

  2. don't let you all RIP OFF, its full of ASPARTAME and claim to serve your health? LOOooOOL! 100% Fake, and than the other ingredients, i would like to see how they fabricated this at their local machinery...hahaha! marley is angered. At least they could have been honest and be clear at there ingredients than trying to get you read over it by saying it has sugars and sweeteners in it and not saying Aspartame clearly wich is consumers faking and trying to let them drink BAD FOOD; Organic 4ever!!

    1. But the sweetener added is sucralose its still bad but not as harmful as aspartame... Do your research and stop panicking people! my fact is from the back of the can where's your proof?