Saturday 15 June 2013

Today's Review: Sour Patch Kids Soda Popz

Evidently I did not review the original Sour Patch Kids when I tried them last year, but suffice it to say I was somewhat underwhelmed. For a sweet with "sour" right in the title they didn't particularly give me the standard lemon face, or even a slight wince. So I wasn't exactly expecting any sharpness from this new variety.

I was right, but I wasn't in it for the sourness, I was in it for the new flavours. Each one corresponds with a fizzy drink of some kind. There's cola, cherryade, orange (who love orange soda?), and... tropical and apple fizz? Well, almost all based on fizzy drinks. The flavours are certainly interesting, but after the initial kick they kind of wear off, much like the sour taste. Trouble is the flavours aren't too bold either, they seem pretty watered down, and are overwhelmed by the taste of sugar. So while these are certainly sweet, they're not so sour, and not too flavoursome either. They're not awful by any means, but there are plenty of better sweets out there.

My rating: 3/5

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