Sunday 16 June 2013

Today's Review: McVitie's Lemon Cheesecake Digestives

"Lemon cheesecake, in the middle of digestives? That's weird", I thought, picking up this packet and throwing it into my trolley. It wasn't until later, while biting into it, that I realised that digestives are a key component in cheesecakes. So let's move on from that moment of stupidity.

After smothering their digestives in various kinds of chocolate over the years, McVitie's have just decided to shove things in the middle of them instead, custard cream style. So we have the godly-sounding creation of lemon and vanilla cheesecake digestives. I only went for the lemon today, but I'm curious about how the vanilla holds up. These biscuits are basically like two mini cheesecakes, with a subtantial amount of cheese scraped off, then wedged together like a sandwich. Or more basically, like two mini digestives with some cheesecake topping spread in between. However you wanna slice it. The filling is actually pretty nice, very creamy and tasty, with a zingy lemon flavour. It's just a shame that the ratios are all off.

You see, with most cheesecakes, the cheese outweighs the buttery biscuit base. But here we have a much higher amount of biscuit, the taste of which overwhelms the filling. Also, for some reason, my mouth became quite dry after eating a couple of them. That doesn't happen when I'm eating regular digestives, so I have no idea what that was about. Overall, these biscuits are a strange experience. The flavours of a good lemon cheesecake are all there, it's just a cheesecake that has way too much biscuit and has been left out of the fridge for a while. Not too impressed.

My rating: 3/5

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