Monday 17 June 2013

Today's Review: New York Bakery Co. Blueberry Bagels

As far as my bagel intake is concerned, there is no company that has provided me with more bagel satisfaction than the New York Bakery Co. I have devoured their plain, betrayed my regular tastes and delved into cinnamon and raisin, and lightly skimmed over the sesame. But now there's a whole new line of bagel varieties out, one of which being this limited edition blueberry.Sounds weird, right? Blueberries in a bagel? But hey, we have raisins in bagels, why not blueberries?

But really, it is a bit weird. Sure, they taste good, and there are a lot of them crammed in there. It adds a nice sweet kick that will brighten up your breakfast (or whenever it is you eat bagels). But the first one of these I tried, I put some cream cheese on top, and cream cheese on a blueberry bagel tastes a bit odd. Still, I've tried the rest with just a dollop of butter, and they're certainly very enjoyable. So while these bagels do limit my filling options for fear of weird tastes (I don't really fancy trying smoked salmon and blueberries), these are certainly a very nice sort of bagel.

My rating: 4/5

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