Wednesday 12 June 2013

Today's Review: Cadbury's Crunchums

When it comes to stuffing bags full of chocolatey things, Cadbury have made their way through a fair amount of their chocolate bars, and dipped all manner of things in chocolate, like raisins, pretzels and popcorn. Now we have Crunchums, little pieces of "crispy chocolatey cereal". A very non-specific cereal though, with a taste that I can't quite place.

While I devoured the first pieve, I was sure I caught a hint of Chex, that cereal that was around many years ago. But as I went on I found the cereal to be increasingly salty, which just made these pieces taste like a lighter version of the Cadbury pretzels. I say lighter because every piece is hollow, there is only a thin layer of chocolate layered over a small amount of cereal. So you don't get much substance for your money compared to other varieties, but they certainly do taste nice. The salty and chocolate tastes work wonderfully together, and the cereal texture adds something nice to the mix as well. Certainly not my favourite, but it's still nice.

My rating: 4/5


  1. What are they made from!!!!

    Amazingly moreish, would love to make my own varieties.

    The ingredients simply say "Maize" which is corn to me, Google isn't helping!

  2. They taste just like chocolate covered quavers!!