Wednesday 2 October 2013

Today's Review: Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola

If you've never had a bottle of Fentimas, you're missing out. They have a range of "botanically brewed" drinks that are like your average fizzy stuff but much more refined and tasty. You can get dandelion & burdock, victorian lemonade, or my personal favourite, the curiosity cola, which has a bold, classic cola taste that would take me right back to yesteryear. If I were alive then, that is.

I have been in love with cherry coke for many years now, so imagine my delight when I found that Fentimans have released a "Cherry Tree Cola", which is apparently the world's first botanically brewed cherry cola. Curiosity cola was fantastic enough, so I couldn't wait to get a taste of this. Thankfully, my expectations were met. This is a fantastic drink, with all the bold flavour of the original cola, and a lovely cherry kick that just feels natural. It all blends together really well, and while it may not be the most refreshing drink, it's certainly delicious. Next time I pick up a bottle of Fentimans, I'll be going for this one.

My rating: 5/5 

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