Saturday 12 October 2013

Today's Review: Pickled Onion Pom-Bear

The Halloween snacks are out in full force now, and I managed to pick up a few interesting ones today. Perhaps the one that most caught my eye were these Halloween themed Pom-Bear. They've actually gone and made a new flavour, instead of just repackaging an old one, so now you can get your favourite bear-shaped potato snack in pickled onion flavour.

I didn't bother taking a picture of the innards, because they still look like the same old Pom-Bear. A few had heads and limbs missing, as is the norm, so I suppose that's gruesome enough. The flavour is pretty much the same as any other pickled onion crisps, which is by no means a bad thing. It's interesting to see how they work with the light and fluffy texture of  Pom-Bear, as opposed to regular shaped crisps or chunky Monster Munch, and they certainly provide a tangy, tasty experience. Unfortunately, the flavouring doesn't seem to last too long, and after a few good chews they just taste like regular Pom-Bear.

This is a good effort to provide something different for Halloween, a whole new flavour that is actually pulled off rather well. They may not quite have the full on flavour I was expecting, but these are definitely tasty crisps that are worth a try, especially as they won't be around for long.

My rating: 4/5

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