Thursday 17 October 2013

Today's Review: Ritter Sport White + Crisp

I've seen various mentions of Ritter Sport chocolate around the internet, but have barely seen any myself. I picked up a small bar in Sainsbury's a while back, but never got round to reviewing it. Today though, upon entering my local Lidl (which I don't do all that much), I found a stack of Ritter Sport bars on a shelf, and decided to pick up the most interesting looking one. This is a white chocolate bar filled with pieces of cornflake. A reverse white chocolate cornflake cake, you might say. How could I resist?


As you can see, the pieces inside are plentiful, and they certainly add a nice crunch to the bar. The chocolate itself is fantastic too, smooth and creamy, and it didn't give me that slightly sickly feeling I normally get from eating too much white chocolate. However, the chocolate was perhaps a little too thick in relation to the cornflake pieces, as although the different textures were noticeable, it was hard to pick up any cornflake flavour. It's a delicious, chunky bar of chocolate, but it left me wanting just a little bit more in the crunchy cornflake department.

My rating: 4/5

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