Monday 28 October 2013

Today's Review: McCain Quick Cook French Fries

Ah, the french fry, perhaps the most popular form of potato. But sometimes french fries take too damn long to cook. Who ever has the patience to wait 14-16 minutes? Wouldn't we rather wait, say, five? Well, now you can, because McCain have brought out some french fries that you can cook from frozen in just five minutes. 

You don't even need a magic oven either, just a normal one (well, a fan assisted one anyway). Sounded a bit dubious to me, but hey, I'll try anything once, and there's nothing dangerous about undercooked fries. So in the oven they went, and five minutes later, out they came. I am a pro at following simple instructions.

There they are. Well, they were certainly cooked, and that's a mean feat itself in just five minutes from frozen. But what of the crispiness? Well, slightly inconsistent. Some were a little soggy, but there were a fair few that had a satisfying crunch, and I can certainly say I've had much worse bowls of fries. Maybe if I'd stuck it out for another minute or two they would have been uniformly crispy, to my liking. Either way, 5-7 minutes is a pretty short wait time for some nicely cooked fries. Now we just need Birdseye to come out with some five minute fish fingers and chicken dippers, and frozen meals will never be the same again.

My rating: 4/5


  1. Tried some of these recently; quite impressed! You know what impresses me more? The fact that the ingredients list is just potatoes and sunflower oil.

    Oddly, the "normal" version has added batter, starches, rice flour and colourings. You'd think with all that, they'd be quicker to cook!

  2. There fries will kill you,2 hrs in oven an still white

    1. Wow read the instructions.

  3. With prices going up at McDonald's this is a great product. Just try the fries with great results.