Wednesday 5 November 2014

Today's Review: Joseph Dobson Bonfire Toffee

Honing in on the post-Halloween reductions, I managed to snag a bag of this "bonfire toffee" for a mere 50p at Morrissons. I wasn't exactly sure what bonfire toffee was, but it certainly has the appearance of charcoal. Since it was bonfire night, it seemed the perfect treat to pick up.

Opening the bag, I was presented with a whole load of dark, hard toffees, pretty much like boiled sweets. Each one has a fantastically bold toffee flavour, but with none of that tooth-threatening chewiness you'd get with regular toffee. Sure, the flavour is a bit off without that classic chewy toffee consistency, more bitty instead of smooth, but there's enough throughout these hard sweets to make them pretty damn nice. These are certainly some nice toffees to suck on in the cold winter months, and are especially good if you want some toffee but are scared for the safety of your teeth.

My rating: 4/5 

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