Tuesday 4 November 2014

Today's Review: Cold Weather

Well, it's been a good run of clement weather, but this morning it was truly nippy. It is November after all, so from here on in it looks like it's going to be cold. But why does it have to be cold? I know the answer is due to the Earth's rotation and orbit relative to the sun, but that's no excuse. Apparently humanity is on the way to increasing Earth's temperature to new heights, so why haven't we done away with the cold weather yet?

Coldness is just an annoyance. I'm not wishing we could all exist in sweltering heat, a consistent warmth would be nice. The cold just makes everything that little bit worse. Warm showers, cosy clothing, hot beverages, these are things we all crave (cold beverages are nice, I guess, but that's the exception to the rule). The only thing cold weather does is make me not want to go outside, and it turns out I need to go outside to be a functioning human being. So I have to tolerate the cold, let it chill me to the bone, or force me to pack extra layers. Sure, people may sometimes complain if it's too hot, but that's nothing compared to people complaining about how cold it is. Everyone knows being cold sucks, so let's all work together to raise Earth's temperature by a few degrees, that's not gonna hurt anyone, right?

My rating: 1/5

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