Saturday 8 November 2014

Today's Review: Tesco Mince Pie Cookies

The Tesco bakery has been host to a whole bunch of interesting products this year, and the festive season is no exception. There are gingerbread and yule log muffins, turkey and stuffing Weirdoughs, and a duo of festive filled cookies, the most interesting of which are these mince pie cookies. Yes, if you fancy a mince pie, but aren't too keen on the pie bit, you can now have them in biscuit form.

Quite simple, really. These are soft, chewy cookies with a mince pie filling. As bakery mashups go, it's not too outrageous, but it's a neat idea that's pulled off quite well. There is a hint of nutmeg in the cookie that adds a little bit of spice that I wasn't expecting, and I wonder if it would have been better without it. But the cookie itself is definitely nice and soft, if a little heavy. I can't fault the filling though, authentic mincemeat that's fruity and satisfying, and you can get a piece with every mouthful if you methodically eat around the exterior of the cookie. This is another great bakery product from Tesco, a well thought out biscuit treat that is quite tasty, even if the recipe for the cookie itself feels a bit off to me. This is one to look out for in the run up to Christmas.

My rating: 4/5

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  1. These are theeee beeest!...please cook up some more before next Christmas because I don't think I can wait until Christmas 2015 for them! ....