Tuesday 25 November 2014

Today's Review: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

I can't say I eat mac 'n' cheese all that often, but I certainly couldn't pass up this box when I saw it reduced in Tesco. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is a national dish of Canada (known as Kraft Dinner over there), and is one of those foods that have been referenced in many shows and movies from across the Atlantic, but has so far eluded my grasp. The box I found is a little lighter in colour than the classic, but I assume that's just because of the emphasis on whole grain. Either way, it's original flavour so we can't be that far off.

Well, before I could taste the Kraft Dinner, I had to prepare it, something I'm not quite used to doing for a review. Thankfully it's pretty damn easy to make up. The macaroni lies in waiting, loose in the box, so all you need to do it boil it for seven to nine minutes, pour in the sachet of cheese sauce powder, add in a few tablespoons of milk and margarine and you're good to go. 

I was a little concerned after mixing that I'd put in the wrong quantities. After all, the pasta certainly wasn't swimming in sauce, because apparently that's something I've come to expect from a food I barely eat. But in the case of this Kraft Dinner,  it seems less is more. The sauce is creamy and smooth, and while it's definitely cheesy, it's not overwhelmingly so. The texture and flavour of the pasta has a chance to shine through, and although the macaroni is pretty small, there's certainly enough to make a delicious, filling meal. Although I can't call myself an expert on the tastiness of mac 'n' cheese, I believe there's a reason why the Kraft version has been popular since the 1930s. It's just really nice. If you can get a box, give it a go.

My rating: 5/5

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