Thursday 27 November 2014

Today's Review: Southern Electric's Bus Stop Advert

I saw this interesting piece of advertising on the way home today, and while most ads are designed to be snappy, communicating their messages clearly within seconds, this one simply left me baffled.

Southern Electric are proud that all their customer call centres are in the UK. Well, that's nice, but it certainly doesn't explain the half faded orangutang gracing the majority of this picture. In fact, nothing does. Why is that orangutang there? Is it even an orangutang? I admit I'm not completely up to speed on my species of ape, but there's not even as much of a mention here as to why that thing is taking up the advert with no explanation. Is it a thinly veiled racist dig at those who prefer to outsource call centres to other countries? Or is it a statement that their green policies are preventing rainforests or whatever from being destroyed? Because hey, that would be something to be proud of, I'd prefer they mention that, instead of talking about having a building in this country and then sticking an ape over the top of everything.

In fact, the fact that Southern Electric have call centres in the UK is not something I'd consider all that important. I know it's become a big thing with people moaning about accents and British jobs and whatnot, but I'd prefer to be with an electricity company who is proud of delivering good quality and consistent service. That way I'd never even have to ring a call centre. Though to be fair to Southern Electric, when I used to call them they had Jack Johnson's entire In Between Dreams album as the hold music, so maybe their call centres are something to be proud of. It doesn't stop that picture being any less baffling though. 

My rating: 1/5

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