Sunday 16 November 2014

Today's Review: Signalex "Americano" iPhone Case

With so many identical iPhones in the world today, it's hard to identify yours as truly yours, to express your individuality and personality. Perhaps you'll go for a highly personal case, a printed photo, or at least something that expresses your interests, like a cute licensed character. Perhaps you like to be more functional, going for an impact resistant shell or some kind of wallet-cum-case. But, you know, those things can cost a fair amount of money, and why would you bother when you can just wander into Poundland and drop a quid on this stylish Americano case?

Yes, this iPhone shell is styled to look just like a coffee cup. I say just like one, but it's certainly like no corporate takeaway coffee I've ever seen. Perhaps more suited to an independent chain, but I fail to see why they'd choose solid dark brown as their signature colour. But hey, at least there's some personality, across the badly moulded cup grip is the name of your favourite coffee, Americano. Forget the tasty lattes and mochas, this case is for the ones who like their coffee cheap and bitter, as to reflect their very souls. In case you were wondering, I certainly do not like anything about the look of this product, and I can only assume that it handles like cheap rubber too.

But hey, let's forget about how awful the thing looks, and instead examine the very nature of the product. Why in the hell would an iPhone case be in the shape of a coffee cup? I can only assume that the person who dreamt this up thought it would be funny to fool people into thinking he was drinking a coffee, but then that person would also have to know nothing about the anatomy of the human face. You put phones up to your ear, not your mouth, unless you're one of those baffling people who speak into the bottom while it's on loudspeaker. Even then, that would make the cup look like it was upside down. I can see no way in which this case is fun or interesting. Even if Starbucks got involved and made their own branded cases, I would still be baffled. But this bland version is something I think is destined for whatever sad, sorry place that products rejected from Poundland go to.

My rating: 0/5

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