Saturday 29 November 2014

Today's Review: Terry's Chocolate Orange Doughnuts

On occasion I have enjoyed the Cadbury doughnuts that have graced the Tesco bakery for a good while now. Now there's a slightly more festive option available, in the form of these Terry's Chocolate Orange doughnuts. But how close to the original classic can these doughy treats get?

Well, they certainly are chocolatey, featuring a chocolate doughnut, topped with chocolate, and filled with orangey chocolate. Despite only the filling having the orange flavour, I certainly got a hit of it from my first bite, and it continued until the end. There's not too much of the gooey innards, but in a way that's good, no one wants to bite into a doughnut and get chocolate oozing out everywhere. There's certainly enough filling to make every bite orangey, and it's pretty well spread throughout the entire thing. The doughnut itself is the main concern here. It's quite, well, doughy, in that it's pretty dry. If there was no filling, it would certainly be far too chewy for my liking, but thankfully the middle provides a little moisture. Still, the dough certainly is chocolatey, and the chocolate on top just adds another delicious layer, with a smattering of flakes to add a bit more texture. 

If you're looking for something Chocolate Orange themed but a little different, these may be up your street. They may be a little dry, but they're definitely tasty. They certainly don't beat the regular, classic orange though.

My rating: 4/5


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  2. Got it a few days

  3. Orange ice cream 🍨