Wednesday 24 June 2015

Today's Review: Frank's Red Hot Chilli & Lime

I'm a sucker for a good hot sauce, the hotter the better. Well, not overly hot, I do enjoy a bit of Spontaneous Combustion, but I wouldn't smother my dinner in it. But Frank's Red Hot is certainly a sauce I don't mind. I've only really had it before on top of Domino's chicken wings, and that's certainly not a bad way to experience it. I found this bottle the other day that contains lime as well, and thought it might be a good thing to cover all my favourite foods in.

This is certainly a hot sauce. Definitely not the hottest I've had, but the spice remains for a good few minutes after eating. It's never too intense, just a lingering, consistent heat that tingles on the tastebuds. The lime is noticeable as soon as it hits the tongue, a distinct citrus kick with a nice bit of tang that works well with the spice already present. This is a satisfyingly hot sauce, with a bit of a fruity hint to take the edge off. I'm certainly looking forward to drizzling it all over my food in days to come.

My rating: 5/5

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