Thursday 25 June 2015

Today's Review: Jelly Belly Tabasco Jelly Beans

After purchasing some draft beer flavoured Jelly Belly for my dad at Christmas (and apparently neglecting to review them), I couldn't resist catering to his other favourite food group for Father's Day, with these Tabasco flavoured beans. I'm impressed with the amount of interesting flavours Jelly Belly have come out with lately, and being a fan of spicy stuff myself, I was more than happy to try one after my dad cracked open the present. 

As skeptical as I was about a Tabasco jelly bean, that's exactly what I got. I thought the spiciness wouldn't transfer well, or the texture of the bean itself would lead to some unholy creation. But really, everything works here. It starts out with your regular chewy Jelly Belly texture, with a distinct peppery flavour. But soon it gives way to a pretty intense heat, and it's pretty much like you've just chased your jelly bean down with a dash of hot sauce. It's an authentic flavour, and it translates into sweet form very nicely. I'll probably be picking up a bag of these myself, but only because I'd look a bit odd emptying a bottle of hot sauce into my mouth in public. If you like things spicy, these beans are for you.

My rating: 5/5

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