Friday 5 June 2015

Today's Review: Blue Riband Coffee Cream

I've never really understood the appeal of Blue Riband. There are many nicer biscuit bars out there, and its name certainly doesn't stand out among the others. Sure, I'll eat one if there's nothing else around, but really I find it to be a bit bland. Now there's a coffee cream variety available, and I figured it might make things a little more interesting.

This is basically the same affair as your regular Blue Riband, wafer covered in milk chocolate. You might think that being called "coffee cream" would mean there was some sort of cream layered inside, but no, the wafers are coffee flavoured instead. There certainly is a pretty strong aroma of coffee when you crack one open, and the first taste while eating certainly has a strong coffee presence. It's not bad at all, a smooth, almost creamy taste, but the problem is it doesn't hang around for too long. Soon the wafer takes over, and the sheer amount of it means the coffee flavour takes a back seat as you chew through the dry wafer that is only offset by the chocolate wrapped around it. Okay, I guess there's not that much wafer, and there is a nice bit of flavour to it that isn't present in the original, but overall I still find this to be a pretty bland biscuit. It's just now a pretty bland biscuit that tastes like coffee.

My rating: 2/5


  1. I've never understood the appeal of blue riband either. We always had them in the house when I was a kid and I hated them. Why eat blue riband when you can have a vastly superior kitkat instead? I suspect it may be a nostalgia thing, people of a certain age seem to like them.

  2. hello Janet from leeds I enjoyed the wafer very much I am a big coffee cake fan loved the wafer

  3. Can't find any blue ribald coffee cream wafers in any of our shops in Sheffield.please tell me why.

    1. Hi am the same i got them once cant Remember were but I have looked in all the shops i go into and just cant find them i have just looked online and they are out of stock every were whats going on lol so strange..