Tuesday 23 June 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Fruity Mix'd Up Weirdoughs

The Weirdoughs brand is certainly an interesting one, mainly focusing on crisp flavours, with the odd festive variety thrown in for good measure. Now Tesco have gone a more traditional, fruity doughnut route, but they wouldn't be Weirdoughs if they weren't a bit, well, weird. This pack of 15 doughnuts consists of five different flavours: pineapple, black cherry, orange, banana and strawberry. But the icing on top of the doughnut is different to what the colour of the fruit would be in real life. Crazy, huh?

Well, I was interested enough in how a banana, cherry and pineapple doughnut would taste, so I grabbed the bag as soon as I saw it. Looking back, I'm glad I kept it, because without that handy guide on the front I'm not sure I would have guessed which flavour was which. Sure, there are hints of the fruity flavour in each one, but they're really not strong enough, probably because the flavour is concentrated in the icing, and the doughnut underneath is quite filling, detracting from the taste. The bits of flavour I did pick up aren't really that bad, they're certainly quite artificial tasting, but combined with the doughnut itself they make for an alright sweet treat. The black cherry flavour is probably the strongest, and I did enjoy that one, but the rest just fell a bit flat. These fruity Weirdoughs certainly aren't as good as previous flavours, they're an interesting enough idea, but they're not worth going out of your way to pick up.

My rating: 3/5

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