Saturday 20 June 2015

Today's Review: No Fear Mother Load Apple

I haven't touched a can of No Fear since I reviewed their quite frankly ludicrous ring pull system three years ago. But I spied this nice little green number in Asda today, and after seeing that it's an apple flavoured energy drink, I was certainly tempted to grab one. Upon doing so I found they've also opted for a more classic ring pull on the can, so that sealed the deal for me. I'm not sure why this flavour is called "mother load" apple, I assume they're referring to the term "mother lode", a principle vein of gold or silver ore, or perhaps the most useful cheat code in The Sims 2. What that has to do with apples and skulls with over ear headphone, I don't know. But clearly the edginess is strong with this can.

Well, this drink certainly is apple flavoured, and despite not containing any apple juice at all, it doesn't do too bad of a job. In fact, the flavour is something somewhat similar to Apple Tango, so it was actually quite enjoyable, although all the other stuff shoved in to make it an energy drink adds another element of sweetness that offsets it a little, making it a little too saccharine. What I did find nice was the level of fizziness, more so than I've experienced with other energy drinks, and perhaps it would be a little too much with any other flavour, but it does work quite well with the tartness of the apple. Overall, it's good stuff, enough to make me forgive the brand for their past errors. Sure, it's a bit chemically and sweet, and it does have something of a lingering aftertaste, but it's certainly an enjoyable drink that also provides a nice kick of energy. I'm looking forward to seeing what else these guys will bring out.

My rating: 4/5

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