Sunday 14 June 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Cookies & Kreme Cookies

Thanks a lot to one of my loyal (?) readers for letting me know of this new cookie variety gracing the Tesco bakery shelves. Tesco sure have stuck a lot of stuff inside cookies lately, and while this flavour may not be wholly original, it's certainly a neat idea. I know they say "cookies & kreme cookies" as if the filling of the cookie itself contains yet more cookie, but what we have here is simply a chocolate cookie with a white chocolate filling.

Other cookies from Tesco have already had the white chocolate filling, like the melting snowman of last year's festive period. But the difference here is that the innards are much softer and creamier (hence the "kreme" I suppose). I don't know if it's the softer texture of the chocolate or a sheer increase in volume, but there's a lot of filling to go round, so much that the integrity of the cookie is compromised. They'd already started bleeding before I got them home, and as soon as I picked one out of the packet it was flopping around like nobody's business. Not that these aren't nice cookies, quite the opposite in fact, they're nice and soft, with a very bold chocolatey taste, and the filling provides a fantastic creaminess, despite the volume of it it's only a little sickly. This is a great chocolatey cookie experience, but it's definitely fragile. Be prepared to get messy, but it's kinda worth it.

My rating: 4/5


  1. These are awful, the are so stoggie, i had one and had to throw out the pack, the rubber like consistency made me feel sick.

  2. It's definitely not white chocolate, the "Kreme" is almost eggy. If you're looking for actual cookies these aren't an option (unless you like sickly sweet goo and really soft "cookie").

  3. I love these, but maybe that's because I'm American so my tastes are different.

  4. They stopped selling these at Tesco. Do u know where I could get them from?

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