Monday 8 June 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Vegetarian Kitchen Cheese & Leek Sausages

I was recently sent a voucher to try out Tesco's new vegetarian range, which has a few interesting offerings for those who are that way inclined. As for me, I love meat, but I was willing to try out some of these dishes. Of course, one of the ones I went for was the meatiest sounding one, in the form of these sausages. Vegetarian sausages are hardly a new thing, but the Tesco ones promise cheese and leek at the forefront, and that sounded pretty tasty.

These sausages feature steamed potato, gruyere and cheddar cheese, leeks and parsley. The resulting taste is pretty nice, there's certainly a fair amount of cheesiness, and the leek and parsley add in some nice veggie flavouring. The potato is the most present taste though, and at times it's not all that good. It's quite lumpy, which certainly provides some texture, but didn't feel quite right in a sausage. Apart from that, there's not that much holding these sausages together, and they crumbled quite easily even when I sliced through. It's not a major issue, the crumbs can easily be picked up, but I'd expect a sausage to actually stay in the sausage shape while eating, and this was just too messy for my liking. These sausages do have some interesting flavours buried within, but the potato does tend to overwhelm and the crumbling is inconvenient. They're certainly not bad, but they're not all that great. If you've had enough of your Quorn and Linda McCartney, by all means give these a go.

My rating: 3/5

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