Wednesday 7 October 2015

Today's Review: Hobgoblin Spit Roast Steak Crisps

I found myself near an Aldi today and figured I'd pop in to see what snacks I could rustle up. I didn't find too much that tickled my fancy, but these crisps caught my eye. Now, I'm certainly not a big fan of beer, but there was something about these that made me want to try them out. Probably the steak part, to be fair. 

I've had a Hobgoblin beer before, and found it to certainly be better than your average canned rubbish. Not that I'd choose it as my regular tipple, but I must say it's been converted to a crisp flavour remarkably well. These crisps are Burts at their core, which certainly isn't a bad chip to go for, and the first thing I got when I popped one in my mouth was an undeniable beer flavour. It actually works quite well with the taste and texture of the chip itself, and it soon gives way to a lovely smoky barbeque taste. Unfortunately, I didn't find the steak element to be well represented, but the flavours I was already tasting were certainly good enough to keep me going until the bag was empty. There was a bit of a tussle between beer and barbeque, I never really got the two tastes in tandem, but rather some of one then some of the other. Not that I mind too much, it was all pretty tasty. Beer is certainly not my crisp flavour of choice, but these ones are very well executed. Well worth trying out.

My rating: 4/5

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