Friday 23 October 2015

Today's Review: Grapeade Snapple

I do enjoy a Snapple, but I don't see the around all that often. Thankfully I spied this interesting flavour in Tesco the other day, reduced to clear as well. This is Grapeade, though I'm not sure why they couldn't just call it grape. Still, I'm a fan of grape juice so I quickly grabbed a bottle.

This actually contains a combination of juices, which is to be expected, but the main draw is the grape, and it's actually pretty good. It has that distinct American grape soda flavour, although it's not as sickly as other grape sodas, probably because the bottle proclaims to contain natural ingredients. This makes for a cleaner tasting drink that packs quite a bit of flavour, but it isn't quite as bold as I'd hoped, and does seem a bit watery at times. Still, it's a refreshing, tasty grape drink, and one that's definitely worth a try.

My rating: 4/5

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