Saturday 31 October 2015

Today's Review: Starbucks Christmas Blend

Well, Halloween's pretty much over now, and since I've already reviewed and consumed all the Halloween treats I've picked up this year, I figure I'll turn my attentions to Christmas, 'cause that's the next big thing (after fireworks I guess). I was given a bag of the Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee when I went to try out their Christmas drinks last week, and have been steadily making my way through it since. I hadn't really tried out Starbucks beans before this year, but I was informed that the Christmas Blend is a favourite, and it's only around in the festive period (if you didn't guess).

These beans make for a pretty smooth cup of coffee. The couple that I've tried before seem to have quite a kick to them, with some bitter tones that really helped wake me up. The Christmas Blend coffee is less pronounced. It's dark, sure, but not at all bitter, instead possessing a sweet, slightly caramel tone that lingers for a while after drinking. I was told to pair it with some of the Starbucks caramel cakes when I tried it out last week, and that did indeed bring out the sweetness in the coffee itself, and I can now certainly notice it more than I've detected the flavours in other beans I've tried. These beans certainly are a favourite of mine, they make for an enjoyable drinking experience, a sweet, warm cup of coffee that will brighten up those dreary winter days. Well worth picking up while it's around.

My rating: 5/5

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