Sunday 25 October 2015

Today's Review: Butterkist Gingerbread Popcorn

Oh, I've been searching for this one. Ever since it was teased on the back of the Grim Green popcorn I found the other week, I've been impatient to get my chops around some gingerbread popcorn. Butterkist churn out some good quality stuff, so I was expecting great things, and hoping this would be a staple snack food for this festive season.

This popcorn has a ginger and cinnamon flavoured coating, and therein lies the crunch. It's flavoured, and doesn't contain any of the real stuff, and sadly it shows. Sure, it tastes like gingerbread at first bite, quite a big spicy hit that possesses a certain amount of sweetness. But the problem is it's way too strongly flavoured for me, and since it's not authentic it seems quite acidic, the spice becomes overwhelming and not much like gingerbread at all. The popcorn still has that nice crunchy texture that Butterkist has, but the coating is just off for me. I thought I might have some wayward taste buds last night, but I tried it again this morning, and sadly I just can't get along with it. If the flavour stayed as nice as it did when I first popped it into my mouth it might be a different story, but I think it's rather telling that I didn't finish the bag in one sitting. Unfortunately this is not a great popcorn, I'll have to look elsewhere for my festive fix.

My rating: 2/5

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  1. Completely agree with your comments here, the fact there's no actual ginger/cinnamon means the flavour is just as you put acidic. I'll be posting my review soon, but i had high hopes for this and was pretty disappointed