Thursday 8 October 2015

Today's Review: Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake

Another day, another new Ben & Jerry's flavour. I wish new flavours come out at this frequency all year, but I guess it's just good fortune that the festive releases are coinciding with the Save Our Swirled and Cinnamon Buns (which I still haven't found...) Alongside the festive favourite Minter Wonderland (which I haven't actually tried yet), there's this new, interesting Pumpkin Cheesecake flavour. Now, I've never been one to enjoy pumpkin, although I've only really experienced it through the odd bite of the innards during pumpkin carving. America abounds with pumpkin flavoured snacks this time of year, but it's odd to see one in the UK. Despite my reluctance to buy an entirely pumpkin themed ice cream, I couldn't pass it up.

Now, this isn't just pumpkin ice cream, it's pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, and cheesecake makes everything better. The cream cheese thrown into the mix created a lovely, creamy texture and flavour, while the pumpkin itself is a lot better than I expected. It's a very full, sweet taste, and since it's pumpkin purée shoved in there there's a bit of a pulpy texture to it as well, which really rounds off the flavour. The pumpkin is cinnamon spiced as well, so there's a nice extra bit of sweetness with a slightly spicy kick. To top it all off, there's a cookie swirl going through the whole tub, which adds a hint of biscuit flavour and some extra chewiness. Put it all together and you've got one gorgeous tub of ice cream. I'm glad I took the plunge, I'm now a pumpkin convert. Thanks, Ben and Jerry.

My rating: 5/5 

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  1. It's an ok flavor, but it didn't blow me away like Cinnamon Buns did. I also wanted to taste more pumpkin and less cinnamon. After a couple of scoops all you can taste is cinnamon. I'll get the aformentioned Cinnamon Buns if I want such a flavor.